Spiritual Needs of Caregivers Series

Part 1 - Introduction


Spirituality is relational.  It is not religion or about going to church. It is about the meaningful relationships with yourself, with others and with something bigger than ourselves.  If we can come to the realization that somewhere, somehow, we are not God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh or the Great Spirit, then we are on our way to spiritual growth.

Spirituality is what gives meaning to life.  It gives us an enthusiasm for life and those around us.  It also helps to make a conscious contact with a higher being.   The energy of life is that which moves us forward.  For a believer, that force comes from God.  Nurturing that relationship with God or the Spirit is the force that helps us through many experiences and circumstances in our daily existence. For someone without a conscious contact with God, our energy comes from that which nurtures our relationships, from love, from friendship, from nature, from our pets or some other energy that sustains us. 

While we are in a caregiving situation with someone we love, hat sustaining energy is depleted at times and we need to replenish our batteries.  Spirituality can be the source of that energy.  Being able to rely on others to help us, lest we fall into a Messiah complex, is crucial.  The reality of our lives is that we cannot do it all! A Messiah Complex can be very unhealthy for us as caregivers and even for those to whom we are providing care.

This blog series will address three relational aspects of Spirituality to assist caregivers to maintain their health by following some simple suggestions.  Just because something is simple to do, does not mean it will be easy to allow ourselves the time to do it, but making the time will enable the caregiving experience so much more gratifying for all involved.