Dear Joanne & Dianne,
Thank you so much for working so hard to ensure we all get a paycheck during this COVID19 crisis.  I am praying we all stay healthy and that our clients do too.  I am very proud and grateful to be working with Seniors Helping Seniors!
P.S. Thank you so much for the gloves and masks!  They will be put to good use.
Thanks again,
— Love working with SHS

Dianne & Joanne,

During a recent company luncheon I sat with Linda who has worked with me for quite a few years in a part-time capacity.  During the course of our conversation she advised me of her plans to start working with you part-time, which immediately reminded me of how remiss I was/am in my failure to thank you for all your help with our mother prior to her passing.  You and your staff made such a wonderful difference during her last days with us and I am embarrassed by my failure to thank you much sooner. So from our entire family, a huge THANK YOU!

I also want to express our family's appreciation with your flexibility regarding scheduling and your openness to address our concerns when we contacted you with anything.

We were also surprised and deeply thankful that you came to her calling hours.

Please accept my apology for not writing you sooner and know that when asked I offer nothing but the highest accolades for you and your staff.

Thank you again,

Jefferson County

PS:  By hiring Linda to join your staff you will be employing an outstanding individual who deeply cares about all her clients and who I would want to care for me should I ever need such intervention.

— Joe

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